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The CATS Difference:

Our commitment to the following areas reinforces our commitment to your dancer:

1. Quality Instruction:

  • Developmentally appropriate choreography and costuming

  • Variety of class options

  • Leveled classes to promote development in socialization, musicality, creativity, and artistic technique

  • Learning goals and feedback, aligned to National Dance Education Organization standards, provided for leveled classes

  • Award-winning Director of Programming and Instruction

2. Opportunity for all:

  • Community sponsored scholarships, supported by our CATS Dance Partners, for dancers with financial needs

  • Dancers can participate in a variety of forms (see CATS Dance Teams)

3. Unique Studio Resources:

  • Safe spaces for dancers: dance floors are designed for dancers, to protect from injury

  • Conditioning and stretching classes, designed to reduce risk of injury, are available.

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