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Renewal: Keeping the mission in mind

Here's one of the best things about working with young people: it's always an adventure! At Creative Arts and Talent Studio, we are reflecting on our mission these days. It's easy to get caught up in the business side of things, and it's important - of course - to do that! But what I'm reminded of, as I watch our young dancers navigate the emotions of the season - from elation after excellent performances to weariness from long hours of practice - is the importance of investing in every single dancer. Our motto: Where You are the Master Piece, captures the mission of CATS. Sure, our choreography is critical. Absolutely, our instruction is technically sound. Of course, our music and costuming are age appropriate. But first - always first - is the dancer.

Our dancers aren't just individuals on a stage. Our families aren't just clients. As an educator first, I understand that investment in each and every dancer is what we're called to do. I also understand that reflection and refinement are imperative to staying true to our mission.

It's because of that mission that we continue to listen and adjust. We give students voice and agency. We give parents accessibility to share ideas, values, and questions. And we make changes when changes are needed. For example, we're adding a few new class options that our dancers are interested in; we're adding instructors with varied expertise; and we're re-visting the kinds of educational approaches that are always and consistently student-first. Part of my professional responsibility in my education world is to use data and evidence to continually improve...and that process of improvement is part of the landscape at Creative Arts and Talent Studio, too. That's why you can trust us with your dancer. Your teacher will know your child. She will know his/her skills. She will be ready and willing to tell you what he/she needs to advance. Your dancer matters to us. And that will always be the priority in our decision-making and instructional-offerings.

I'm pleased to be along for the CATS journey. I can't wait to see what our future holds. It is beautiful, indeed. After all, our dancers are our finest Master Pieces.

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